A Brief History of Military Swords

Posted by Bryan on 7/18/2012 to Military History
The first sword, was developed within the late Roman army, and became the predecessor of the European sword. Even though the sword has been alive since the Bronze Age, its military use was not pertinent until the first barbarian wars took place.

The Egyptian, and the Ottoman empires, used the saber as their first sword, before it was adopted around the 19 century by the Western military. The extraordinary beauty of these elongated, and shiny weapon, was admired by historical figures as Napoleon Bonaparte, who used a Mameluke sword, used by the Mamluk warriors of Egypt, which is the same sword that is traditionally used in ceremonies, as a side arm in the Marine Corps.

In the year 1805, the Ottoman Prince Hamet presented as a gift, a Mameluke sword to Officer Presley O'Bannon, of the United States Marines, in gratitude, and respect for the actions, and courage of his unit in the Battle of Dern.

Taking the military sword its origins in Egypt, it was spread and used by Muslims around the 9th century. The Persians met the saber in the 12th century, and finally gave full use of the sword in the 16th century.
In the 18th century, the military sword was falling to the level of weapon for the duel, and then kept only for use in official ceremonies.
Historically, the Western armies of France, Britain, and the United States Marine Corps, were the first to use this weapon in their military units.

This was the most used weapon during the 1860 American civil war by all infantry, and cavalry troops. Just as the history of military sword was born and died, many military officers continued to carry, so precious weapon in their side, as was the case of General Patton during World War II in 1941.