An Inside Look at the Different Swords of the U.S. Military Branches

Posted by Devin on 11/8/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
U.S. Military swords and sabers are noble accessories that are commonly used in ceremonies such as weddings. Although the military now uses various advanced weapons and firearms, the traditional sword is a piece of the country's rich heritage which still has its place with officers and chief petty officers. The U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force each have their own unique sword that is built, worn and used according to strict government regulations. 

The U.S. Army officer saber features a thin, slightly curved blade that is often made of nickel-plated steel. The black grip is ergonomically designed, and the nickel-plated guard wraps around the hand completely. The Army NCO sword features a straight, thin blade and a gold-plated guard.

The U.S. Navy sword is used by both Midshipmen and officers, and it features a straight blade of stainless steel with a groove on each side. The wrap-around guard is gold plated, and the grip features a stingray skin pattern. The Navy CPO cutlass has a brass basket-style guard. The U.S. Coast Guard utilizes the same blades as the Navy.

The Marine Corps officer blade is a long, slightly curved steel sword with an ivory-colored grip and small, gold-plated guard. The Marine NCO sword has a wrap-around, gold-plated guard. The grip is black in color and wrapped with twisted wires.

The officer's sword of the U.S. Air Force has a sleek design featuring a long, straight-edged blade. The silver-plated grip and guard are understated. The guard includes intricate etching, and the base of the grip is a globe-shaped replica of the earth. 

All swords and sabers of the U.S. Military feature the six-pointed Star of David etched into the base of the blade, but they also feature unique characteristics depending on the branch. Purchase one online, and personalize the blade and scabbard with your own engraving for a spectacular gift or piece of memorabilia.