Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Collectible Swords, Knives and Other Blades

Posted by Devin on 10/31/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
People all over the world collect swords, knives and other blades ranging from a $5 pocket knife to a $400,000 Japanese samurai sword. Each piece in a collection represents money spent, a piece of history and sentimental ties to how or where the blade was acquired. You certainly want to maintain your knives and swords in peak condition. This is easy to do with a few simple tools and a small time commitment. 

Basic sword and knife maintenance requires two simple items: oil and a polishing cloth. A clean microfiber cloth works best, and a light-weight oil of your choice is ideal. Machine oils such as sewing machine oil or a light mineral oil are excellent choices. Alternatively, choose Choji Oil that is traditionally used for Japanese swords or one of the “sword oils” if you prefer a specialty oil. They all work about the same. 
Using your oil and microfiber cloth, wipe the sword down once a month. Remove any fingerprints. Oil the blade and other metal parts. Polish the metal with your cloth, being careful not to cut yourself. 
If you have leather on your grip or scabbard, simply wipe the leather with a damp cloth. Using leather polish makes the grip slippery. Do not store your blade in its scabbard, as this causes the blade to rust. Should rust occur, there are a number of kits available that remove surface rust. Avoid causing permanent damage to your blade when trying to remove rust; if you are in doubt, consult a professional. 

A collection of swords, knives and other blades is a source of pride, and even a small collection can be quite valuable. Like anything of value, your collection needs to be maintained. This is easy to do. A simple monthly oiling and polishing is key to keeping your blades in tip-top condition.