Cutting Through History

Posted by Melissa on 6/15/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
Swords have been around ever since civilizations began to mine and work metal. The earliest swords were made of copper from the copper mines in Egypt. It wasn't until later on in history, during the Middle Ages, that swords were used for military usage. During this time period, the sword was used as the weapon most preferred by the knights who would wear armor.

The military sword of the Middle Ages was made of steel and was very heavy to carry. The medieval sword was also sharp enough to cut a man into two pieces. Germany soon became the center of sword manufacturing. The manufacturing of swords soon swept across the nation. Today the sword is mainly used as adornment for military uniforms.

As a very personal weapon, the military sword soon became a symbolic piece. The sword marked an officer and a gentleman. If a sword was taken away from a man and the blade broken, this was a sign of him being dismissed from the service.

During the time period of Crusades, the sword took on a symbolic meaning of the cross. The design of the sword is the reason for this. It looks like a cross because of its shape and detail. This also eventually became obsolete. The sword has a long history but today is merely carried by some military units during times of peace. The sword is a popular collector's item, but for military purposes, is just an accessory.

There are many types of swords still available to be purchased today. The rapier, epee, and the saber are amongst the most popular. The sword has had many symbolic and different meanings through the ages.