Different Types of Collectible Swords

Posted by Devin on 2/3/2014 to U.S. Military Swords
Whether you are an experienced sword collector or you are just beginning to build your collection, you will enjoy learning more about different types of collectible swords you might want to acquire. This short post will focus on four categories of collectible swords you might be interested in.

American Swords

The American sword is still a relatively young entrant to the collectible swords world. The native peoples did not use swords in their activities or battles, except for the ancient Aztec's macuahuitl, which is a rare exception. Because of this, most enthusiasts and collectors of American swords like to focus their collection building efforts on swords from different periods in or branches of the United States military. You can see some examples here: www.usmilitaryswordsonline.com/blog.asp. There are five different branches of the U.S. military that you might want to focus on. Some collectors build a collection that crosses branches, while other collectors choose to focus on a representative collection from a single branch.
  • Army swords.
  • Navy swords.
  • Marine Corps swords.
  • Coast Guard swords.
  • Air Force swords.

European Swords

Other parts of the world have a longer history than the United States, which means you will want to focus your collecting efforts carefully to build a collection that makes sense in context. For instance, you might like to focus just on popular swords used in movies. Or you might want to collect swords specifically created for the monarchy. You might want to focus on swords used in just a specific region - for instance, in Britain or Scotland. Or you might choose to focus on swords composed of a specific material or in a particular style.

Asian Swords

Asian swords have a fascinating history. Many collectors will choose to focus on a specific type of sword - say, the swords used by samurai warriors - or swords from a specific country - for instance, from Japan or China. Some collectors have an extensive collection of Chinese dao and jian swords, or a collection of Japanese samurai katana swords.

African Swords

African sword types are not plentiful, but they are interesting. Some African swords, such as the khopesh, have been used in American films. Other swords are of an aboriginal origin, such as the poison-tipped ida and the curved shotel. What is most interesting about African swords is how many were designed to be used for multiple applications - for instance, in hunting, cooking, and also warfare.

This short overview of four major categories of collectible swords - Asian, African, American, and European - will help you brainstorm ways to begin or add to your own collection.