Displaying Your Sword Collection

Posted by Devin on 1/3/2014 to U.S. Military Sabers
No pride could exceed that of a man or woman who has faithfully served our country in the military forces with honor.  Next to the service member are the dedicated family and loved ones whose commitment is made in supporting those on active duty while they are away from home.  Their steadfast commitment and sacrifices should remain at the forefront of our memories, and to help accomplish that goal there is nothing finer than a custom handcrafted display for everything from military service awards to swords, daggers and other military memorabilia.  Proudly display the symbols of military commitment in what will one day become an heirloom.

Custom handcrafted displays for swords and daggers range from plaques to cases and shields.  Would you prefer to display your swords upon a shelf or mantel?  There are options available, and there’s at least one you’ll prefer.
Handcrafted means that every detail has been painstakingly addressed.  It means that you can choose the type of wood, the particular division, the personalization, and you will want to add an emblem, personal message or significant details by having them engraved on an attached small brass plate or wooden plaque.

Handcrafted hardwood plaques provide a timelessly classic sword display for a single sword or cutlass, or two if you would like. Custom handcrafted cases convey a richness of beauty and strength prominently and show your support, louder than words can share for any service member of the US Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force.  You may elect to display that special sword and scabbard on a shield, cut from the finest walnut or cherry wood.  Special laser engraving is available for a shield.

What about showing your sword or cutlass on a desktop stand, or on your bookcase, mantle or shelf?  Whether at home or at work, these displays all significantly speak pride and strength.  You might choose to uniquely display your sword with a floor stand of your pick of American hardwood.  And finally, there’s nothing like a shadow box for displaying not only your sword or cutlass, but other items like Military ribbons, medals, rank insignia and Wings.  In addition, Military patches, challenge coins and other Military unit ID can be displayed in these stunning boxes.

Regardless of your particular choice, any of these display options will all say “Look at what you have to be thankful for.”  In a spectacular way.