Honor Your Home With a Military Sword Display

Posted by Devin on 1/4/2014 to U.S. Military Swords
Looking for a great gift for that special guy in your life? Decorative sword displays are a unique purchase that can be admired for years to come. Military themed displays are great for active members and those who once served in the military, as well as other folks who hold an appreciation for the work these brave men and women accomplish. These items will serve as a reminder of the honor and courage it takes to defend one's country.
How to Display Your Sword
When displaying a sword, there are many methods one can employ. Many swords come with display boxes, making setup a breeze. Others will need to be hung, and in this case it's important that you hang your swords carefully to prevent damage or injury.
It's recommended that swords are hung in safe areas in your home, utilizing sturdy materials such as heavy duty nails and other fixtures. Cases are often composed of fine woods, which can then be personalized in the event your sword is intended to be a gift. Display racks are also useful when displaying a number of swords at one time, and can help protect your precious items from getting damaged.
Engraving Your Sword
Engraving the case included with your sword is a great way to make it truly unique. In the event the sword is going to either an active or former member of the military, including things like rank, branch, and other identifying factors will make this sword quite a memorable gift. The finely crafted wood casing will look even better with your own personalized message included.
Types of Swords
Swords are available in many varieties depending on the arm of the military they are associated with. Sabres are generally utilized by the Army, while the Navy employs cutlasses, characterized by the long thin blade and sheath. Other types of swords include those suited to the Marines and Coast Guard.
A displayed sword makes an awesome conversation piece for any home. Military themed display swords allow you to express pride while also honoring those who've served in the military, both past and present.