How to Keep Your Knives and Swords in Excellent Shape

Posted by Devin on 1/23/2014 to U.S. Military Swords
Whether it is a high quality replica, an authentic battle weapon or antique, or a freshly out of the box new model, a collectible or utility edged weapon requires proper care. Even decorative knives and swords that sit on walls can deteriorate without proper care, and the same goes for those that sit in storage. Simply put, your knives and swords need a little—just a little—attention here and there.

Decorative and Display Knife and Sword Upkeep

First and foremost, never clean, sharpen, or perform repairs on antique or vintage knives or swords without first consulting with an expert. Valuable collectible pieces can easily be ruined by using the wrong equipment or cleaners, greatly reducing their value.

Replica and display knives and swords are subject to rust, grime build up, or other problems when left unattended. It is best to periodically use cleaner solutions and cleaning or polishing cloths that are specifically designated for use with knives. Regular dusting is recommended as well, as long term dust exposure can cause harm to the surface. Depending on the materials used in the sword or knife, you might want to consider keeping the display away from direct sunlight.

Utility Knife and Sword Upkeep

Similar to above, be sure to use products that are specified for use with utility knives and swords, and always consult with an expert when in doubt. Knives and swords that are used for cutting and other tasks should receive periodic cleaning and lubrication; be aware that excessive lubrication can cause grime buildup that will inhibit proper function.

Keeping knives and swords sharp is relatively simple thanks to an array easy to use sharpening options. One can opt for sharpening strops, handheld tools, or even automated sharpeners. Always use a sharpening tool that is designated for use for your item’s material, and always follow the instructions. Minor dents or “burrs” in the blade can sometimes be sharpened out, but more significant flaws and damage may require experienced repair. Last but not least, be sure to remove any rust at first sight by using an appropriate rust remover.

A little attention here and there will keep your knives as swords as valuable, attractive, and high functioning as you desire. Spending some time to learn more about cleaning, sharpening, and repairing is time well spent—your knives and swords will thank you!