Commemorate Time Served with a Unique Sword or Gun Display

Posted by Devin on 2/4/2014 to Military History
Whether you want to remember and commemorate the time that you or a loved one spent serving your country, or just remember major world events, a sword or a gun display is a unique and meaningful way to do this. At U.S. Military Swords Online you can select and purchase a display style to be handmade for a loved one serving or having served in the armed forces. With each product carefully crafted with great attention to detail, this gift will make a profound impact on the recipient. The following are a few of the products available.


Posted by Devin on 1/31/2014 to Military History
Whether for yourself or someone else, a US Military Sword is a prized possession, and there are numerous items with which it can be worn. If you have a friend or relative whose US Military Sword collection would rival all others, you can always find a positional accessory or two for a gift, come his or her birthday or Christmas. What follows are details on some of the items you might consider purchasing for yourself or as a gift.

The Knives of the Vietnam War

Posted by Devin on 1/25/2014 to Military History
While the Vietnam War didn’t feature as much close combat as World War II, knives served a number of valuable roles in the war. Interestingly enough, edged weapons may have saved as many lives in the war as they took—the standard issue bayonet or knife was something that no soldier on either side wanted to be without.

Proper Etiquette for Flag Care

Posted by Devin on 1/7/2014 to Military History
To many, the American flag is a symbol of strength and freedom. Millions of Americans serve in the United States military every year in an attempt to preserve that freedom and spread it to others throughout the world. While the flag may just seem like a piece of cloth, rules and regulations have been created in order to ensure that the flag is always properly cared for. Veterans and active service members often display flags as a way to commemorate and remember their time in the service, and these flags hold special significance to the service member.

What Bootcamp Teaches You

Posted by Devin on 9/27/2013 to Military History
Boot camp is an experience that will change your life forever. You will learn many things during the 12 or 13 weeks that you are in boot camp. Boot camp will be intense; yet, it will most likely be a positive experience.

The World War II M3 Trench Knife

Posted by Devin H. on 9/5/2013 to Military History
If there is one side arm easily recognized as a fighting icon from WWII, it is the US Army M3 Trench Knife. Initially manufactured to equip soldiers not armed with a bayonet, this sturdy and almost irreplaceable weapon endured through most of WWII until challenged and replace by later weapons and more functional designs.

Originally issued in 1943, this legendary trench knife soon became the standard government issue for those engaged in close hand-to-hand combat such as élite forces, principally the US Army Rangers.

Military Sword History for Everyone

Posted by Joe on 3/7/2013 to Military History
Sword enthusiasts often get started by becoming interested in the history of it all. That is the purpose of this blog... to pique your interest, to inform and to bring together sword enthusiasts.

The U.S. Air Force Sword: A Brief History

Posted by Bryan on 12/12/2012 to U.S. Military Swords
Swords of various types have had a long martial history, a history which spans almost as many centuries as warfare itself. First weapons, swords are now primarily a ceremonial accoutrement, what with the advent of more "hands-off" methods of combat. Each branch of the United States military has its own unique regulations, traditions, and history attached to the sword worn by its members, and the Air Force is no exception.

U.S. Military Swords Online

Posted by Melissa on 11/26/2012 to Military History
The United States Army Officer Saber is a tradition that began in the 1800s and is still alive today. The saber is a curved sword that is wielded with one hand and was originally carried by the United States Calvary.

Swords & Military History: A Brief Look Back

Posted by Bryan on 11/14/2012 to Military History
The use of the sword in our military dates back to the Roman "gladius" used by the armies of the Roman empire. Today's sword differs in one main aspect, and that is its being ceremonial in function.

A Look Back at Some Historic Military Swords

Posted by Bryan on 8/14/2012 to Military History
A new MKE sword is usually a cross-blade, narrowed like sword derived from swords used by ML warriors associated with MKE Egypt via whom the sword derives its name. It is associated with the shamshir, which experienced its origins inside Persia from the spot that the style went to India, Egypt and North Africa plus the Turkish kilij.

U.S. Air Force Swords Display the USAF's Rich History

Posted by Bryan on 8/8/2012 to Military History
The four branches of the U.S. Military are a constant source of interest for most Americans. The U.S. Air Force, with its grand history and pedigree, is one branch in particular that is especially interesting.

A Brief History of Military Swords

Posted by Bryan on 7/18/2012 to Military History
The first sword, was developed within the late Roman army, and became the predecessor of the European sword. Even though the sword has been alive since the Bronze Age, its military use was not pertinent until the first barbarian wars took place.

Great Military Leaders in History (Part 1)

Posted by Bryan on 6/27/2012 to Military History
To become a military leader it takes a combination of leadership and circumstance. Over the years there have been many famous military commanders, but only a few of them can be considered great. The following leaders are some of the greatest leaders because they had the capabilities and character traits to lead and overpower in ways no one else has.
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