Military Sword History for Everyone

Posted by Joe on 3/7/2013 to Military History
Sword enthusiasts often get started by becoming interested in the history of it all. That is the purpose of this blog... to pique your interest, to inform and to bring together sword enthusiasts.

A sword can also be a wonderful gift for military members, veterans retiring after many years in active service or military enthusiasts and their growing collection military memorabilia. If you are not sure about when to hand out the gift, consider giving them the sword during their special retirement celebration or as a birthday or Christmas gift. Any person would appreciate receiving a gift like this, since it serves as a wonderful reminder of their sacrifice, service, and commitment that they have sacrificed while serving for this great country.

Where can you buy this kind of sword? Coast Guard swords are sold on different websites and at specialty shops that sell military gear. You can also get the Coast Guard's motto "Semper Paratus" engraved on the sword. If you intend to give the sword as a gift you can have their name and retirement date engraved on the sword too. They will appreciate a well thought out gift that is personalized and shows how much you are honoring their commitment to our country. You can also get a display case or special mountings for the sword. Any retired Coast Guard member will be honored at receiving a gift that

A Coast Guard sword has a sharp single edged stainless steel blade and brass fittings with gold fittings. You can also choose from swords with a variety of lengths, from 28 inches to 34 inches long. The sword's branch guard and drag may have decorative designs on it. And the sword's grip will most likely be in ivory and have a brass pommel, along with the United States Coast Guard initials inscribed on it. While you can add additional designs onto the sword, an authentic United States Coast Guard Sword is intricate enough with it's beautiful design and craftsmanship.