Military Swords You Will Want to Add to Your Sword Collection

Posted by Devin on 1/24/2014 to U.S. Military Swords
There are many military swords housed in private collections today. But even viewing the collection of a fellow military sword enthusiast is not the same as having your own collection you can always admire. There are many branches of the U.S. military, from the Armed Forces to the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, and the Coast Guard. You might want to collect a sample from each military branch, or focus your collecting on one branch alone. 

Army Sword Types
The Army, like other branches of the military, has different swords it uses for ceremonial events, daily use by privates, and daily use by officers. Here is a sample list of some of the most popular types of Army swords (you can see more examples by visiting this website:
  • US Army Presentation NCO (Non-commissioned officers) Saber.
  • Authentic US Army Officers Saber.
  • Army NCO Saber.
  • Replica Patton Sword.
  • Replica US Army Officers Saber.

Air Force Sword Types
The Air Force branch of the U.S. military is the branch that initiated the use of ceremonial swords and weapons. Today, adding an Air Force sword to your collection is a prize well worth pursuing.
  • Authentic US Army Officers Saber.
  • Authentic US Air Force Sword.
  • Replica US Army Officers Saber.

Marines Sword Types
The U.S. Marines have a long and colorful combat history that stretches back to the 1800's. Here is a list of some classic Marines swords you might want to add to your collection.
  • German Certified USMC Officer's sword
  • Authentic U.S. Marine Corps Officer's sword.
  • Replica U.S.Marine Corps Mameluke sword.
  • Replica U.S.Marine Corps NCO Mameluke sword.

Coast Guard Sword Types
The Coast Guard first got its start by serving as guardians and lighthouse keepers to ships who would have otherwise perished on rocky coastlines. The motto of the U.S. Coast Guard is "always be prepared," and by adding a Authentic US Coast Guard Sword to your collection, you will be!

Navy Sword Types
The Navy has some of the most beautiful and interesting swords in all the branches of the U.S. military. Here are some examples of swords you may want to add to your collection.
  • Naval 1860 CPO Cutlass sword.
  • Navy 1860 Officers Cutlass sword.
  • Navy Officers Sword.

By keeping a list of all the U.S. military branch swords and checking them off one by one as you add them to your collection, you can ensure a collection that speaks of the full history of the "Land of the Brave and Home of the Free."