Proper Etiquette for Flag Care

Posted by Devin on 1/7/2014 to Military History

Proper Etiquette for Flag Care


To many, the American flag is a symbol of strength and freedom. Millions of Americans serve in the United States military every year in an attempt to preserve that freedom and spread it to others throughout the world. While the flag may just seem like a piece of cloth, rules and regulations have been created in order to ensure that the flag is always properly cared for. Veterans and active service members often display flags as a way to commemorate and remember their time in the service, and these flags hold special significance to the service member.


Cleaning the Flag


There are no rules regarding the washing of the American flag. Most flags can be washed or dry cleaned, although the specific cleansing method should depend on the material used to make the flag. When the flag is being cleaned, it’s important to keep it off the ground, although it is not necessary to destroy the flag once it’s touched the ground.


Many people believe a flag should be destroyed once it touches the ground, but this rule is in place only to keep the material from becoming damaged or soiled. As long as your flag is kept in good shape and is suitable for display, touching the ground is not a reason to destroy it.


Folding the Flag


Again, no specific rules are in place regarding the folding of the flag, but US service members use a method to fold the material into a triangular shape that allows for easy display in a case or frame. The shape resembles a three corner hat and the blue union portion of the flag is the one that shows.


Weather Considerations


While inclement weather can be hard on a flag that is being flown or displayed, most are made of all-weather materials that make it possible to fly them during any type of weather.


The Symbol of Freedom


The flag is an item that many Americans and service members consider extremely important, and proper care should always be taken with these items. A flag display in your home is a great way to show respect and honor for those who serve in the United States military.