Selecting the Best Military Sword Accessories

Posted by Devin on 1/22/2014 to U.S. Military Swords
When you are amassing a personally significant sword collection, you might be focused for awhile on assembling the pieces which hold most interest to you. But over time, as your collection grows, you may become interested in sword accessories. This short post will give you an overview of some of the most popular accessories.

Sword Carrying Cases

Sword carrying cases come in all shapes and sizes, but all are designed to keep your swords safe and secure in transit. Some carrying cases are hardshell for extra durability, while others are soft-shell for short trips or in-house use. You may also want to get both kinds for swords you frequently travel with locally and out of town.

Sword Frogs

Sword frogs are leather strips used to secure the sword to the belt. They look a bit like a money clip - but made of leather. They are extremely strong and durable.
Sword Display Stands
There are many types of sword display stands - some for ceremonial or event display only, and others that are more for safety reasons. You can choose from floor displays, mantle displays, sword plaques, wall mount cases, and more.

Sword Knots

Sword knots are like a sword frog, but are meant to attach the sword securely to the wrist. They look like a long tassel with a smaller loop mechanism at the end that you slip on your wrist. 

Sword Belts

Sword belts are used for carrying the sword on your person by means of a sword frog or scabbard.

Sword Scabbard

Sword scabbards are a more secure, safety option for carrying your swords on your person than a knot or a frog. They sheath your sword's blade in a close-fitting case, leaving just the hilt of the sword accessible to your reach.

Sword Guards

Sword guards are designed to keep you from inadvertently touching the sharp blade as you pull the sword out of its scabbard or use it in other ways. 

Sword Slings

A sword sling is like an alternative to the scabbard that allows you to attach the sword for carrying by means of a series of clasps. You can see examples of sword knots by visiting

Sword Gloves

Finally, there is nothing so smart-looking as a pair of lovely white dress gloves when you are handling or presenting your sword collection. As well, you may find a pair of gloves to be a smart purchase for safety reasons and also for use during routine cleanings.

By adding these accessories to each sword in your collection, you enhance both its value and its historical significance.