Stunning Authentic Blade of the United States Coast Guard

Posted by Mel on 12/22/2012 to U.S. Military Sabers
The United States Coast Guard has a tradition of carrying fine blades in order to represent the honor, courage, and dedication of its members. This authentic U.S. Coast Guard sword has a straight edge blade made of stainless steel, and with a gilded hilt that is wrapped with golden wire on the grip. The grip is made of imitation bone. The gleaming blade is decorated with insignias up and down the shaft, extending from the blade's hilt to approximately two-thirds of the way down the blade. The sword's metallic color contrasts nicely with the golden-colored adornments of the hilt and scabbard.

The stunning scabbard takes good care in holding the blade with its real black leather and two gilded mounts at the center and throat which are decorated with sailor knots, giving the mounts the appearance that they are tied on with the knots. The scabbard culminates in a drag which is also adorned in gilded decoration.

This authentic blade of the U.S. Coast Guard makes an excellent addition to a collection of military blades, or is a great way in order to begin a collection! Whether you are a fan of swords in general or are specifically a fan or supporter of the U.S. Coast Guard, this blade makes a great gift which you can adorn your home with and impress your friends with.

All blades are available in lengths of 28", 30", 32", and 34" inches. Each blade comes with the appropriate sized scabbard, which meet government specifications. A blade can be special ordered with engravings.