The Best Displays for Standard Issue Service Weapons

Posted by Devin on 11/12/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
No piece of militaria better personifies a particular time in the history of an armed service than a standard issue service weapon. From the M1 Garand of World War II to the Beretta M9 pistol of the Gulf War and beyond, these weapons are invariably prized possessions. To best show off and protect your prized service weapons, look for a quality display. 

One of the more common ways to display both rifles and pistols is on a hardwood plaque. Weapon plaques date to the age of sword warfare, and lend an increased sense of history and heritage to your already historic weapon. To find a plaque that best suits your standard issue service weapon, look for one that is custom-designed for your particular gun. For example, a plaque made for a Colt M1911 is perfectly proportioned to frame your weapon and is likely to bear a plate naming the weapon and its era.

If you have a number of different weapons you want to display, then a gun cabinet is a practical investment. These come in varying sizes to accommodate different types of collections. They commonly feature hardwood construction with glass-fronted cabinet doors that allow you and your guests to view the weapons. Most gun cabinets hold rifles in a vertical rack, and those that accommodate pistols usually display them in profile. 

Owning a collection of standard issue service weapons is all the more satisfying when you have a great way to display the weapons. Look for quality plaques and gun cabinets made from hardwood and other durable materials. Remember to buy a locking cabinet if you have any children in the home.