The Significance of Military Swords

Posted by Carlos on 6/11/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
Even though the military swords of today don’t see the kind of hand-to-hand combat that make swords a revered part of military history worldwide, they still serve a very significant purpose. Because swords have developed their own styles and names for each branch of military service, they have become an important part of a military officers uniform. Though they are no longer considered a significant weapon, they signify the strength, training and discipline that come with the uniform. That is why each branch of the military has their own specific design.

Could you tell the difference between a saber and a rapier, or a British broadsword and a foil? Many are familiar with these distinctions due to television or books, but for the most part, the history and stories behind military swords are a mystery to most people. The development of swords over the years has followed their use, from being the key weapon in a soldiers arsenal to what is largely now and ornament that signifies a soldiers branch of service and title.

Amazingly, swords have an almost revered historical status. In the earliest days, steel was a sign of strength, and no other steel products have the same symbolic significance. From the Early Asian societies, to the many different influences of the west, and everywhere in between, there has always been a respect and admiration for those that could wield a sword, as well as those that can make them. Today’s military swords embody all of that history. It doesn’t take long to discover the historical significance. It is a interesting journey into the past for anyone to follow the development of swords.