Top Ways to Display Swords

Posted by Devin on 10/29/2013 to U.S. Military Swords

If you have more than one sword, there are a handful of popular display methods you can use. The first display method crosses the two swords in the center so that each start at a different end and point toward the sky meeting in the middle. In this case the handles are mounted to the bottom of the display. This display is a stand alone display with a base large enough to rest on a desk in an office or elsewhere in the home such as over a fireplace or on the mantel.

The second most popular way to display your swords is layering them on a display case. The display case will have a base and then multiple tiers to it each of which have two equidistant hooks wherein the sword blade lies. This display is also a stand alone unit which can be placed throughout the home or office so long as there is a flat surface on which it can rest.

The third most popular way to display swords is with a wall mount. This is mounted to the wall of the home or office and has two hooks which are evenly spread and tiered so that you can rest multiple swords equidistant apart. You can display your swords in a box display which is also mounted to the wall. This display is a three dimensional box which allows you to rest your swords so that the points face one another. One sword is above the other to offer a layered effect. 

Another great way to display your swords is to place them through an engraved plaque which can be given as a gift to a fellow enlisted member. These plaques are thick wood and allow enough space for the swords to be placed in an X formation behind them. 

Each of these displays show off swords in a way that highlights the craftsmanship of the weapon, giving the sword and owner, the respect they deserve.