U.S. Air Force Swords Display the USAF's Rich History

Posted by Bryan on 8/8/2012 to Military History
The four branches of the U.S. Military are a constant source of interest for most Americans. The U.S. Air Force, with its grand history and pedigree, is one branch in particular that is especially interesting.

U.S. Air Force swords are made specifically from stainless steel, and they contain steel cross guards and eagle heads on both ends. But, the grip is one of the more impressive aspects of the blade. The grip is a steel-wire bound grip, which is very durable. Plus, the blade is double-edged with a stainless steel diamond cut. And, when you aren’t using the sword, it has a hook attachment for hanging. Many of these authentic swords are between 28 and 34 inches in length. These impressive specs are the main reason it’s becoming so popular.

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Military weapons will always be an area of interest for anyone in the world. This is probably because the Military has played a major part in history. So, it’s hard to forget men and women fought for our freedom, and there are many of us who want to know how they defended our freedom.