U.S. Military Swords Online

Posted by Melissa on 11/26/2012 to Military History
The United States Army Officer Saber is a tradition that began in the 1800s and is still alive today. The saber is a curved sword that is wielded with one hand and was originally carried by the United States Calvary. Back in the 19th Century, these blades were weapons used in battle. The guns that were in use back then weren't as reliable or accurate as the ones available now, so swords such as these sabers actually made effective weapons. Those times are long gone, but officers still wear sabers, albeit only ceremonially. The sabers are also now worn not just by the cavalry, but by all officers in the U.S. Army.

U.S. Military Swords Online is proud to provide its customers with the finest Army sabers available. These swords represent the proud history of the United States Army, and they are sure to be passed down from generation to generation. There are currently six different styles of military saber available, from an accurate replica of General Patton's saber to authentic modern U.S. Army Officer sabers. We also have Army NCO sabers available. These are straighter than the curved Army Officer sabers, but they will still be just as valuable to those who appreciate U.S. Military history.

In addition to Army Officer sabers, U.S. Military Swords Online also has a wide selection of Marine Corps swords, Coast Guard swords, sword accessories and other gifts available. If you have an interest in U.S. Military history, take a look and see what we have available, you will not be disappointed.