USMC Clarino Sword Sling

USMC Clarino Sword Sling
USMC Clarino Sword Sling

USMC Clarino Sword Sling

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Officer Sling, Clarino
USMC Clarino Sword Sling

Sling, Sword, Clarino, USMC
3 Stars
Just Not Made Right
Best I'll say; Will do it's job properly but not gracefully. The quality is disappointing, particularly the two straps. The material is not sturdy and folds easily. Where it folds, it dose not recover. Creases form on the straps along with hairline cracks in which the thin layer of "Clarino coating" separates. Where abrasion occurs, the coating has mostly rubbed of as though it were a butterfly's wing, revealing a dull gray material underneath. It's as if each strap consists of a thin strip of false leather between two strips of thin grey plastic coated with high gloss black paint. I ordered this product about two years ago and it was creased out of the package from being folded. It was not that bad then but has deteriorated considerably since. No longer shiny and smooth but cracked, wrinkled and rough to the touch. Their are some problems with the hardware as well. One of the hooks will not lock closed when the nut is tightened and can still be squeezed open in my fingers. The clasp at the top of the sling works and looks as it should but the slot at the base is a bit too narrow. Fore black "button snaps" close the sling around the clasp's bottom slot. The snaps hardly fit through the slot and if disassembled for maintenance, their is no way to slide the clasp off the sling without eventually scraping the black paint off of the snaps. These two latter complaints may be superfluous as the flaws would definitely go unnoticed. This level of quality though is consistent with the former flaw that dose renders the sling no longer presentable. Other Clarino products I have purchased from this store, owned for just as long and received just as much abuse still work and look as new as the day they arrived. However, these other products are adorned with a "makers mark" or logo of the company that produced them; usually a mark for every individual component. Nowhere, on any component of this sword sling do I see such a mark. Looks to me that whoever did make this, they themselves are not proud of it nor wish to claim responsibility.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Jersey. on 8/25/2019

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