What Bootcamp Teaches You

Posted by Devin on 9/27/2013 to Military History
Military LineupBoot camp is an experience that will change your life forever. You will learn many things during the 12 or 13 weeks that you are in boot camp. Boot camp will be intense; yet, it will most likely be a positive experience. Below are some of the key things that you will learn at boot camp:

How to Work Together As a Team

Teamwork is one of the most important things that you will learn at boot camp. You will spend a lot of time marching, singing and chanting with others. The purpose of doing those things is to reinforce or establish the group’s collective mentality. You will have the opportunity to meet people from different occupations, lifestyles and backgrounds. This will make it easier for you to relate to people from different cultures.

To succeed in just about any type of job, you will have to know how to work with others. That is why employers often ask if you have had any military experience when you apply for a job. They know that if you have had military experience, then you will most likely not have a problem working with a team.

How to Work Under Stress

You will be mentally and physically stressed during boot camp. There will be times when you have to get up and train when you have not slept well. However, you will have to keep pushing yourself. Boot camp will teach you how to work when you are under a great deal of stress.

The Importance of Punctuality

Drill sergeants place a lot of emphasis on punctuality. They expect you to be everywhere on time. If you are late, then there will be consequences. In fact, you may get punished if someone else is late. It sounds harsh, but this can greatly benefit you if you try to get a job after you leave the military. If you were to ask several employers what their biggest pet peeve was, then most of them would probably say they get frustrated when their employees repeatedly show up late. After you have been through boot camp, it will probably be a lot easier for you to show up to places on time.

Paying Attention to Detail

You may have learned the importance of paying attention to detail during high school or college, but it will be emphasized even more when you go to boot camp. There will be times when the attention to detail exercises may become a pain, but it is important to remember that one mistake can cost someone his or her life when you are in the military.

You will learn a lot in boot camp. The lessons that you learn will not only benefit you while you are in the military, but they will also benefit many other aspects of your life.