Why You Should Buy Marine Letter Opener

Posted by Devin on 8/31/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
Mementoes of precious memories can be few indeed. A memento can help recall any number of memories, ranging from small moments shared with friends to major turning points in a person’s life. It can help if the item in question is symbolic of the event in question. For those with a military origin or with an interest in military history, a commemorative Marine letter opener may be the perfect memento for any number of reasons, such as graduation from basic training to a celebration of twenty years of friendship. 

There are a number of different types of letter openers, each based on something different. Most letter openers seem to default to those that are modeled after military swords, such the various cutlasses and sabers that have been used by various regiments; they have been flattened and widened to scale. Other letter openers are essentially knives that have been mostly dulled in order to act solely as openers that celebrate a specific event, or commemorate the service of some unit. Because of that they make fair symbols of the events, and as such are easily capable as acting as a memento of that event.

A letter opener should be a personal gift; it is therefore an item that is rarely collected. Most people only have a few of them, and so they need to need to mean something important to both sides. Marine commemorative letter openers provide that link; the event or group that they celebrate is likelier to mean something to both sides, such as a group that they both were part of or a battle that they were in, or even something that they both studied at school and took on some significance to them. The letter opener thus takes on a greater significance than it should, becoming a true memento of the friendship in its own right.