Anatomy of a Sword

Posted by Devin on 11/25/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
While the sword used in today's military dress uniforms is designed strictly for ornamental purposes, it still represents a long and storied history of its role as the military man's primary weapon. Since the first recorded use of a firearm wasn't until the year 1364, swords, and the men who wielded them, dictated the results of battles for centuries. If you exclude the scabbard or the sword frog - a simpler form of early sword scabbard designed for use with different-sized swords - the sword or saber can be broken down into two primary areas, the hilt and the blade, each with its own characteristics and individual features.

The Best Displays for Standard Issue Service Weapons

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No piece of militaria better personifies a particular time in the history of an armed service than a standard issue service weapon. From the M1 Garand of World War II to the Beretta M9 pistol of the Gulf War and beyond, these weapons are invariably prized possessions. To best show off and protect your prized service weapons, look for a quality display.

An Inside Look at the Different Swords of the U.S. Military Branches

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U.S. Military swords and sabers are noble accessories that are commonly used in ceremonies such as weddings. Although the military now uses various advanced weapons and firearms, the traditional sword is a piece of the country's rich heritage which still has its place with officers and chief petty officers. The U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force each have their own unique sword that is built, worn and used according to strict government regulations.

The Long and Short of It: Military Sword Lengths and Why They Were Used

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Military sword lengths are cut to government specifications. These sword lengths include 28-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch and 34-inch lengths. Military sword lengths are not chosen arbitrarily; instead, they have a long history going back to the early days of the United States when the nation's military regularly used swords in hand-to-hand combat.

Military Swords for Marine Gifts

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The modern U.S. Marine Corps uses advanced technology and firearms, but it still holds a place for the tradition of the military sword. Swords and sabers make excellent gifts due to their intricate designs and the top-quality metals that make up their blades, grips and hand guards. Many online retailers allow you to personalize your Marine sword with unique engravings on the blade and scabbard.

Types of Marine Corps Swords

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Military sword enthusiasts know that there are essentially two varieties of Marine Corps swords: those awarded to commissioned officers and those earned by non-commissioned officers. If you are purchasing a sword for an active Marine, you must abide by the specifications set forth by the Marine Corps. For the most part, this means purchasing the weapon from an approved manufacturer that is certified and contracted by the Corps.
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