Cutting Through History

Posted by Melissa on 6/15/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
Swords have been around ever since civilizations began to mine and work metal. The earliest swords were made of copper from the copper mines in Egypt. It wasn't until later on in history, during the Middle Ages, that swords were used for military usage. During this time period, the sword was used as the weapon most preferred by the knights who would wear armor.

The Significance of Military Swords

Posted by Carlos on 6/11/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
Even though the military swords of today don’t see the kind of hand-to-hand combat that make swords a revered part of military history worldwide, they still serve a very significant purpose. Because swords have developed their own styles and names for each branch of military service, they have become an important part of a military officers uniform. Though they are no longer considered a significant weapon, they signify the strength, training and discipline that come with the uniform. That is why each branch of the military has their own specific design.
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