What Bootcamp Teaches You

Posted by Devin on 9/27/2013 to Military History
Boot camp is an experience that will change your life forever. You will learn many things during the 12 or 13 weeks that you are in boot camp. Boot camp will be intense; yet, it will most likely be a positive experience.

The World War II M3 Trench Knife

Posted by Devin H. on 9/5/2013 to Military History
If there is one side arm easily recognized as a fighting icon from WWII, it is the US Army M3 Trench Knife. Initially manufactured to equip soldiers not armed with a bayonet, this sturdy and almost irreplaceable weapon endured through most of WWII until challenged and replace by later weapons and more functional designs.

Originally issued in 1943, this legendary trench knife soon became the standard government issue for those engaged in close hand-to-hand combat such as élite forces, principally the US Army Rangers.

History of the V-42 Stiletto

Posted by Devin on 9/2/2013 to U.S. Military Swords
The V-42 “Force Knife” was a combat knife issued to the U. S. First Special Service Force during World War II. The FSSF was a joint US/Canadian top secret service force created under the auspices of the Commander in Chief.
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